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ELC kitchens

Morning all,

Just thought I'd let you know that Early Learning have got 20% their 'sizzle' kitchens in case anyone was thinking of getting their los one for Christmas. I've just ordered DD the pink one, ??56 instead of ??70. They've got money off a fair few other bits too and are doing free delivery over ??75. Gotta love bargains!!



  • ooohhhh wish we could get the offers here..
    thanks for sharing
    d x
  • I saw that too as I am getting Kara one for Christmas but I have shopped about a bit and found a better one in Argos which makes realistic sounds and is much cheaper. I think some things in ELC are expensive in comparison to other shops.
  • Completely agree Louise & Kara about some things being expensive in ELC, do only tend to buy from there in the sale. We had an Argos one for DS and it started showing signs of wear and tear quite quickly. I suspect it was partly him being heavy handed with it but, as DD is even more so, we went for something chunkier this time round!!! I'm sure Kara will love hers. Methinks we're going to be getting lots of cuppas "made" for us come Christmas time!
  • I am sure we will get loads of cups of tea made lol. She is beside me at the minute telling me she is making me tea with her tea set and I have to make sure I don't spill it on my top lol. I do agree that the ELC kitchen is chunkier though that most of the others I have seen. Can't believe we are talking about buying Xmas presents. Its comes around so quick every year.
  • On this xmas I am really very desperate to get chloe till then my Home Remodeling Fairfax VA will be done and will set all new things in my dream home I am waiting for this from many days.


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