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Friend In Need Of A Stage 2 Car Seat (For Girl)

Hi Ladies

Ive not been on in AAAAGES!!!

Back on again briefly to ask if anyone, or anyone you know, has a stage 2 (or upwards) girls car seat.

I have a friend who is after one, needs to be in good condtion,clean etc, she likes the one in argos (see 376-1377 or 376-2819)

She lives just outside Derby and is wiling to collect within the local vacinity (i live in Chesterfield and willing to collect for her if in that area)

Please drop me a call (or text) on 07989 151157 with any offers,

Thanks very much


  • Hi,

    I am afraid I can't help with the car seat issue but I just wanted to give a bit of friendly advice and say please, please remove your mobile number from your post, anyone could see it and although all genuine users are very nice on here we all know there are some not very nice people out there too.

    You have your e-mail button active so if anyone needs to get in touch they can e-mail you.

    Hope you don't mind me saying. xxx
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