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car seat advice - please help

Hi, I don't often post these days. Were moving house on thurs and could do with some advice.

ds is almost 17 months. Does anyone know if i legal for me to put his car seat and him in the front passager seat? it does have an air bag. I know you cant in the baby car seats. He's always travelled in the back. Cos of the move though I'd like him in the front with me as its a long jouney and I hope I'll be able to keep him happier that way. Hubby wont be with us as hes driving his car.

Hope this makes some sense and thanks in advance. x


  • Hi there, you can have a child in the front but the car seat must face outwards, so lo isn't facing back of seat, below is an extract

    Children up to 3 years old

    In the Front Seat

    The child MUST use the correct child restraint.

    It is illegal to carry a child in a rear-facing child seat in the front, which is protected by an active frontal airbag.

    In the Rear Seat

    The child MUST use the correct child restraint.

    In a licensed taxi or licensed hire car, if a child restraint is not available then the child may travel unrestrained in the rear. This is the only exception for children under 3, and has been introduced for practical rather than safety reasons. You should always think about ways to make sure that a child seat is available.

    It is the driver's legal responsibility to ensure that the child is correctly restrained.

    hope that helps
  • I quite often put Teagan in the front seat of granny's car, with the airbag turned off. She loves it as she is so nosey!

    Good luck with the move! xx
  • You should not put him in the front if the car has an airbag... It was in the news this week that an 11 year old girl was killed in an accident in the front passenger seat by the force of the airbag going off. Airbags deploy at something like 200mph and are designed to prevent an adult from injury. So please keep your lo in the back. Good luck with the house move. x
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