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I officially HATE my highchair - help!

Hello, as new parents we thought we'd done our research and we did get a bargain, we bought a Cosatto Aurora Deluxe Highchair for our son but 6mths on, i hate it! Mainly because it's a blinking nightmare to clean, the straps are stained and horrid, there are creases and awkward spots which mean it takes me ages to clean it properly!

So I want a new one and need your help please ladies. Important things to remember are my son is a very messy pup and loves his grub! but sometimes needs restraining! hehe (he's 12mths old)

I am tempted by a tripptrapp style one now for longevity, but worried cos we use the plastic tray as a plate at the mo, as dishes tend to fly across kitchen. Although do have a huge wooden kitchen table.

Your guidance and expertise much appreciated.... x


  • You need the Tripp Trapp :lol: We had 2 other highchairs, a Mamas and Papas Prima Evo, which was a waste of ??120, and a Babydan one which was a waste of another ??70 :lol: When Barney was about 6-7 months we bought both out two a Tripp Trapp each and I love em. There dead easy to keep clean, especially if you don't bother with the cushions, and the littlies are really comfy in them. If you've got a big table you could always put a plastic cloth on either all of it or just his end, and put his food straight on there if he tends to through plates!
  • We have the chicco happy snack and I hate that too as the straps are manky and although the seat is wipe down, there are bits that just won't wipe properly, but my mum has the basic ??10 ikea highchair and it's great. No creases to hide food, cleans really easy, can seat it right up to the table so ds can eat with us I much prefer it to the one we had ha ha
  • Well it depends how much you want to spend
    We have a wooden kuster highchair and its around the ??100 and love it. Wooden so durable, really easy to clean, all parts can be washed including the easy removeable cushion and the straps. There are no nasty gaps for food to hide in, so The tray is wooden with a plastic tray on top which is removeable. If im in a rush and the plastic tray is dirty I just remove it and use the wooden tray. The tray moves back wards and forwards. So If my lo is having a strop I pull the tray out and strap my lo in. Then push it back in so she cant try and through a paddy.

    The highchair grows with your child. You remove the boaster cushion and lower the footrest and the child can sit up to the table with you too.
    It does fold up easily, but we have ours out on show as it fits nicely next to the table and looks stylish. I'd definitely recommend this highchair!

    Its very stylish and I love it. Found no faults in it yet and recommend it.
    When I saw it I fell in love with it but wasnt sure if oh would let me buy it. thankfully he loved it to image

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    I thought it was just me!
    I hate how disgusting the straps get. Someone should make one with straps you can take off and put thru the wash - they could give you an extra set?
    I think mine was Mothercare 6 years ago (but still use as childminder) and I love it in many ways - it has a reclining back which is great for little ones falling asleep in/after their dinner LOL. It has 2 heights, it folds up and the tray comes off completely. The tray is also very big and has nice curved edges so very easy to clean. BUT the seat.... aargh!! So many little creases nad nooks and crannies!

    I'm going to look at TrippTrapp and IKEA now!
  • I also hate our high chair, but am going to buy Oscar a booster seat with a tray so he can sit up to the table with us. He had a go in my sisters yesterday and loved it but didn't have a tray and kept leaning stupidly far forward to get his dinner and gave me heart failure every time so a tray is a must.

    He's 11 months.
  • Oh the basic plastic ??10 highchair from ikea is FANTASTIC!
    I researched loads of chairs when I was buying mine and read great reviews of it on here and other websites so bought it.

    It's the best thing I have bought since lo was born (now 14 months!).
    She loves it.
    The tray can detach so they can go right up to the table but the tray is great too. We often feed her finger foods on the tray.

    It is sooo easy to clean, you could literally hose it down if needs be!!

    The legs clip on and off so it is really easy to put in the car if you need to take it anywhere (which we do!).

    I honestly can't do it justice with words. I don't want to change it and it's so good I bought one for my Mum for her house too. Why not at ??10??!!!

    You also get straps with it but I never do them up a) because she loves being in it and eating and b) it would be very difficult for her to get out of anyway!
    The straps can be detached and go in the washing machine though if you do use them.
    What more could you ask for?!

  • Lily uses a booster seat because I hated the highchair. It gets grubby but because its plastic, its easy to clean. Plus she thinks she is very grown up sat at the table with us!
  • Hello ladies, sorry, haven't had time to read all the replies, but just wanted to post a possible warning about the Tripp Trap:

    We had a highchair very similar in design to Tripp Trap, I think it was the BabyDan one, because I wanted a nice looking one which could be put right up to our kitchen table. But as soon as she started getting a bit bigger, I became aware of this danger. It was lovely in every other way - and very easy to clean! But you can't walk away from them while they're in it.

    We just use a booster seat now....

    Hope I've not scared anyone too much, but best to be aware....

  • I noticed a couple of people mentined that on the reviews.
    With the kuster, its a really sturdy highchair and I cant seen it tippy over.
  • That's awful! I can't believe it's so easy to tip over!
    I really think it would be almost impossible to tip the ikea one because of the position of the legs. Fab!
  • Wow Marathon Bar i was happy with my high chair (unforunatly i don't no what it is cos i was very lucky to get it second hand for 25) But now i'm thinking of getting the ikea one. Trouble is with mine is its so bulky and our house is small we only have a lounge (with dining table in it) and kitchen. so it sounds perfect and for ??10 even if we kept it as a spare, if only i had a car i would go buy it now !! I have seen them in there before but didn't need one but now i really wnat one !!!
  • Just to add, I don't understand how that child manages to tip the tripp trapp. I've seen that video before and I've TRIED to make it do that and I can't!
  • Here is the link to the ikea one - even the photo doesn't do it justice, it is much 'cuter' than that!

    Blondefamily, we too have a lounge with a dining room table in it!
    I take the legs off and put it under the stairs if I need to tidy up (for guests etc) or I take the tray off and leave it pushed up to the table. Other than that it just sits in our kitchen.
    It is now ??10.99 (sorry!) but still soooo worth it!

    EVERYBODY should get one!

    Beware in Ikea, you need to pick up three boxes (i think it is 3 from memory). One is the legs, the other is the tray and the other bit the seat.
    Goes together in minutes though!
  • Thanks everyone, I think i may have to have a bit of trial shopping trip and go try some out and see what we think! If I had another 2inches in the highchair gp, i's just switch with mothercare wooden one that is nan's house!
    I'll keep ya posted on what with go with and what trouble my DS can cause in this one!
    Have you seen this video then...
  • Just to add, aplogies if someone has put this before, only read the first few posts.

    I have the Chicco happy snack and have washed the cover and straps many times in the washing machine and it's been fine, so whip it off and stick it in the machine, comes up like new,

    Thx for IKEA link - there is no tray in the details - do you have to buy it separately?
  • Sorry yes! I completely forgot, the tray is separate and costs ??4 (now). It didn't used to! They obviously realised how popular it was!
    Still well worth it.
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