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Buggies Facing Mum

Hi Girls

I got my pram bought for us by my partners dad, unfortunately I picked the wrong pram a Pliko Prametter instead of the pliko switch!!grrrr the switch has a buggy feature that faces me which i wanted, is there any you girls would reccomend?? Keeping in mind I dont want to buy a whole new pram that would be crazy!

Thank you


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  • Hi scotlass!
    I was in the same situation as you, bought the pliko pramette only to regret it later, my DD only lasted two months on it, she hated it cause she couldn't nosy about what was going on, but I felt she was far too young to be facing away from me, so I search the internet high and low for a rear facing pushchair, gosh! they're soooo expensive, and since I had already bought a pram I couldn't afford a great deal, to cut a story short I came across the mia moda allegria, it can face both ways and it's quite stylish it also won't break the bank (I bought mine for ??100 from ebay brand new) I'm quite happy with it, just wish I had bought it first time round and I would have saved myself a fortune...:lol:, anyway hope it helps.
  • Hi!
    I have the Bebe Confort Loola pushchair for sale if you are interested. It has only been used for a weeks holiday - I am a bit of a pramaholic! It is in great condition.
  • Hi KittenBe

    Thannks sooo much for the above that is fantastic, i defo would never reccomend the pliko pramette to any mum out there totaly reagretted it aswell!

    Hiya Stephanie If i had the money I would be a pramoholic too hehe how much are you seeling it for do you have a wee pic? email me if you dont want it to be public image

    Thank you girlies you's are life savers!!!!

  • I've been trying to buy a 2nd buggy/stroller for my lo. Mainly for mum and childminder to use. Anyway only wanted to spend about ??100 and ideally wanted to be facing me but didn't think I could get one anywhere. So I'll look into both ones suggested. S x
  • I've got a Quinny Buzz, mainly because it can face me. Now that she is 8 months I only use it when she's tired and I want her to go to sleep, but I loved it when she first went into the pushchair instead of the carrycot. I got mine 2nd hand on ebay, came with the carrycot and loads of accessories for only ??110 - bargain! It's in really good condition as well! xx
  • I just ordered the babystyle oyster. its gorgeous and is ??250 ish for the buggy wihch you can lie almost flat, and change seat to forward or back facing, I also bought the cot/pram section which can be clipped on and the seat taken off. We went for it as it was really easy to change the different sections, looked and felt very study and the buggy will last until they are at least 2 or 3 if not more. Also comes with net in the hood, rain cover and foot muff. Saw on ebay from ??220, carry cot from ??89 x also has own car seat (Oyster) but is compatible with the Maxi cosi isofix and a britax one, sorry not sure which!
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