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Bebe Confort Axiss Car Seat

Anyone got one? Most reviews I read are great so just wanted your input...


  • hi tracey!
    i haven't got one but do have the iseos TT which i think is fantastic - i do keep looking at the axiss, but like that the TT you can change the width of the seat to accomodate summer clothing then winter coats etc! - i'm sure this must be safer in a side impact collision!i keep thinking of writing to bebeconfort & telling them to combine the 2! - the amount of times i've bumped my babies heads on the car when lifting & twisting them into their car seat!! what a fantastic idea!
  • I just love the fact it swivels! My poor back would be forever grateful..!!
  • Hi we have the Axiss and it is worth every penny, It's so easy to use and is a really good seat with loads of great features including the swivle which is brilliant, and makes getting in and out very easy and a 1 push recline system which is brilliant.. We also have a Britax Evolva 123 in our second car and its good but not a patch on the Axiss. Ethan (our 9 month old) loves it and I would def recommend it.
    Hope this helps

  • I've also got the IesosTT as the Axiss wasn't out when we bought ours. If the Axiss is even half as good then it will be ace, the swivel sounds fab.
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