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Highly Recommended I saved my self a small fortune

Hi guys!x I'm fairly new to online posting and didn't really know what to write to be honest. Anyway I thought my first post should be to share a tip that someone gave me ( My friend put me onto this company a year or two ago when she bought herself a nursing chair as she kept going on about how much money saved and insisted that I checked it out.

Although they don't seem to stock a huge range of products all of their prices were great. I fell in love with one of their pushchairs, it came with pretty much bells and whistles hehehe and the colour schemes were soooo cute too. I reminded me of the Bugaboo Chameleon yet a whole lot cheaper.

It was delivered the very next day and I can say with all honesty that I am over the moon. It was easy to put together, the car seat & carrycot effortless to take on and off, and the folding mechanism simple and easy to use. It looks really cute, and the quality is fantastic too... more importantly the price was really cheap considering the extras that come with it (??300).

I don't usually go out my way to promote companies but I think we could all do with saving ourselves a couple of pounds during these hard times. Let's hope that they increase their product range as they've hit the nail on the head in regards to pricing and quality. I would recommend any new mum or mum to be, to check out their website (

Please let me know what you think. I bought the black and silver Matrix Elite and wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts. I also think we should also share any other website tips that could save us money.

Sarah (the newbie)


  • wow thats a great deal.. does look like the chameleon aswell. thanks for sharing!!

    ...and still not ordered a pram!! lol
  • hey that looks really impressive, i've been pram hunting for few weeks now and so confused as they all seem the same! Only concern with that one would be the weight, 16kg seems a lot compared to the rest i have been looking at (10kg for babystyle oyster) but for that price cant really complain i suppose!
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