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Best washing powder?

:\) Hey i need to wash my baby clothes but i don't know which one is the best for new born?
Also nappies pleaseimage Thank ever so much


  • Hi, I use Tesco own brand non-bio. Alot of people use Fairy as well. As long as it's a non-bio powder it should be fine for you babies skin.
  • I use either Persil or Ariel non bio and Fairy fabric softner (though not on nappies). I love the fairy softner, it smells like babies!
  • Go with what you like best. My husband and I both come out in a rash when I use Fairy so I won't be using that for our baby!
  • I have washed all babies clothes & bedding in fairy liquid tabs & added a comfort liquid ball in as well. It makes everything come out so soft & creasefree so I am happy with it.

    I dry everything on a clothes horse first then do a 20min tumble dry once they are dry to fluff them up. yummy
  • i use fairy no bio... it smells so baby like it's great! usually use surf, i'll still be buying both as it the fairy is more expensive, so if it's just our clothes int he wash it'll be surf, if it's baby's too then it'll be fairy...x
  • Is it ok to use fabric softner on baby's stuff?
  • Is it ok to use fabric softner on baby's stuff?
  • i have always used comfort pure fabric softener for my 5 month old and he has never had nappy or any other kind of rash,i swear by it. i always use 'sensitive' tablets in my washer drawer and only ever 1, never the 2 that come in the pack. they are only little clothes to one tablet does the job well. 'sensitive' also do a liquid. wilkinsons sell them and i have also seen them in supermarkets, i think sainsbury and possibly asda. the packaging is white with blue writing. dont want to sound like im teaching you to suck eggs but do you wash clothes before you put your baby in them? some people i know dont but if it is an undergarment against his skin then i make sure they are washed first.

  • this is nothing to do with this but my craving is washing powder honestly i sit and sniff it i dont dare eat it incase i do any harm but i am obsessed lol
  • I use ariel biological! My dh comes up in a rash when i use anything else. washed the boys clothes first in the non-bio freebies that come in bounty pack and there skin was sore, started washing there clothes with ours and soreness cleared up. so i guess it all depends on your babes skin. my friend recommends ecover if skin is really sensitive but its v expensive xx
  • IMO all baby clothes need to be washed when new as the material would have been through a lot of hands before it reaches your baby. Imagine for example, the labee says made in India. So it would have been on a large ream, handled by a cutter, a sticher, a person pressing or steaming it, somoene packing it in a large box, it going on a ship & then finally reaching th shop it was bought from. Then staff & numerous customers who's hands could have been who knows where touch it & then finally you buy it & place on the delicate skin of your baby!!!!!

    I personally wouldn't put anything on my kid until it had been washed image
  • duplicate post
  • I am on mat leave and have been washing baby's stuff out of sheer boredom rather than anything else! My friend got me loads of Fairy freebies and have been using that along with the fabric conditioner (but the fragrance was really strong from f.conditioner so a bit concerned now that it might irritate baby's skin??). I just like to hang the little babygros on the line as they look so cute! I will probs move onto comfort pure and the tesco's own non bio as i don't think i'm gonna be able to afford the nice stuff on the ever so generous maternity pay we get at work!!!!!
  • I use always use eco baby washing powders as we all suffer from eczema image i think its the best thing to use for all of our family washing. just bought some from green nippers:
  • Fairy non-bio x
  • My partner says her doctor said that some weird cravings (in particular licking the walls, and she *thinks* it included washing powder) could indicate a mineral deficiency so it'd be a good idea to mention to your doctor or midwife. I know this thread is old but I thought I'd post for anyone else coming across it on Google like I did.
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