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cheap nursery furniture

Hey Everyone

Just wondereed if anyone has found any nursery packages at good prices?

just thought id ask before i look aound tomorro




  • Ikea!
    I got mine from there and I'm really pleased with it. It's sturdy, looks good and was a lot cheaper than all other places!

    Shell xx
  • Oh I do love a bargain. I only wish there was In Ikea near us (I'm in Norwich), but unfortunately they don't even deliver to our area.

    I'm also not sure where to go. I got some lovely chest og drawers from a local auction house though. Secondhand it fine and a great deal cheaper than new. Often I find older furniture is better made and a littler sturdier as well

    You just need to give them a good clean and a rubbdown. I bought some new love ceramic knobs for my chests and now I have love peices of furniture that are really original and not just similar to the same stuff all my friends seem to have!
  • Oh I like that idea. True, all you need to do is "refurb" it and add some nice handles/knobs! Great tip, thanks!
  • Hi there - I know it's probably too late but Argos have some good deals on... ??400 for everything inc wardrobe, cotbed, under cot drawer, cheat of drawers and trawer topper for changing x
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