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The dreaded!

Hello All

Despite your sound advice back in Oct/Nov I stupidly continued with my order with - I just couldnt resist those prices! At that stage, I was aware there would be at least a 30 day wait (excluding weekends) for my order, which I was happy with as my little darling is not due into early feb. HOWEVER, having waiting the 30 days, and given the company an extra few days due to the time of year, I chased them up to only be told that my items are not in stock and it could take up to another 14 working days plus delivery!! At this point, my pushchair may not be here in time for my babies birth and I am very concerned. Also why did they not tell me this, why did they wait to be chased?

I have told them that they have until the 19th January (over 2 months since my original order) to deliver my items or I will be making a formal complaint and requesting a full refund.

I am very dissapointed with this company, expecially after giving them the benefit of doubt.

I thankfully paid by VISA credit card, therefore my payment is protected. If you decide to brave this unproffessional company, please also pay by VISA credit, as I hear they do not like to give refunds. One lady on here has been waiting 3 months for her refund I believe.

A very frustrated Mummy to be,



  • Ive heard so many bad reviews about this site so i darent even look on there. unfortunately these people dont care the slightest about expecting parents and i think its awful!! I think one time a woman actually took them to court though i dont know what the outcome was. I say everyone should stay clear because they are just awful! I hope you get your buggy asap x
  • hi girls
    was speaking to friends at a party last night who have a 4 month old (im 15 weeks pg) and they warned me off two left feet. they ended up getting their money back (nearly ??1000) but had to sue them to do so!!!
    good luck Rachel and really hope they deliver ASAP x
  • Oh no... my sister used twoleftfeet and couldn't rate them highly enough?

    Was she one of the lucky ones?
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