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Hi does anyone have a fisherprice Rainforest Jumperoo if so would you reccomend it??? Im looking for one for my 6 month old it says they are in it until they are 15 months im not sure??? Im sure as soon as she is crawling and trying to stand she wont want to be in it is it worth the money???? ??????79.99???

Thanks Guys

Satin x x x


  • hi satin .. i brought a a jumperoo for my littleone and he loves it had a great service from
    well worth a look mate great bargains on there would reccommend them and jumperoo
  • i think i read it somewhere that you can get it for ??????59.99, think it was littlewoods!

    the seat seems very little, my friend has one, Lewis hasn't had a shot yet! i did fancy one i bought the swing instead it been great but he is getting too big for it now!

    i dont have much more room for toys, my living room has been taken over lol
  • Hi just to let you know about the jumperoo at I ordered one when it was 58.00 and that was on 25th sept, they gave me a delivery date of 11 oct for it to come as it was out of stock. I'm still waiting for it now. In the time i have been waiting for it to arrive they have now put the price up to ??????90.00 and they said that the website office had made a mistake and put the wrong amount on it.
  • Hi

    I dont have the rainforest jumperoo I have the deluxe jumperoo very similar but bit cheaper, Olivia has been in it since she was about 4 1/2 months and absolutely loves it, well worth the money for me but I cant see her being in it till she is 15 months

    Donna x
  • I am trying to buy one at the moment. There are good reveiws on amazon and good deals on ebay!
  • argos ??????59.99 x
  • I bought one and my son loved it when he was small (i think he was about 5 months when I bought it). It gave me loads of time to do things like the dishes - godsend! The minuses are that it takes up loads of room and he got bored with it once he could crawl (9 months) so it swiftly went up the attic. I would be very surprised if any child 1+ would want to stay in it for very long.

    J x
  • its absutley great.. my little boy loves it .. it does take up half of your living space but its well worth the money xx
  • i have bought one for my wee boys xmas.... he will be 6 1/2month by then.... but everyone is telling me he wont get much use out of it by then and to just give him it early cause he wont know any different!!
    my other son was 9month before i put him in his activity centre and he got plenty of use out of it!!

    any ideas?? i mean id rather keep it until xmas as its only what 7weeks away!!
  • keep it untill chritsmas! my daughter used it untill just under 18months its amazing and grows with lo as it has 3 stages... its still the best thing i have ever bought and lo is now two! i wish they did a bigger version! lol
  • Hi,

    I bought one when my dd was 4 1/2 months and she loved it!! It's been a godsend when I've wanted to get things done especially with trying to play with her sister too who was 2 1/2 at the time. It's had a lot of use but as soon as dd started crawling and cruising she didn't want to be in it as she found it too restricting. They are a lot of money and now my dd is 11 months it's going on Ebay, she hasn't used it in well over a month. I wouldn't wait too long before getting one in case you find the same. xx
  • YES!!! i have the rainforest jumparoo and i loved everything about as did my son! it cleans nice and also brakes down nice to take with you if you need. well worth the cost. i have lent it out to friends as my son is now to big for it but it has been through 3 diffrent babies and still work great and looks brandnew
  • I would highly recommend the Jumperoo. It seems to be very popular at the moment and my boy absolutely loves it (well he seems to stop crying when he's in it image ). I got it from Tesco - - got it delivered to store and then picked it up. Not sure if it's the cheapest available but its very convenient if you're in the UK.
  • i have read somewhere some of these were recalled by fisherprice, not sure why though.
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