Cosatto Mobi

I'm thinking of buying a Cosatto Mobi, has any got one and can you tell me what it is like
eg, mobility, folding etc.


  • Hi
    I got the red one, its fab have not used it for my baby yet shes due in june. Folding aways its easy, it comes with everything and carry cot is great. I like the fact that its so durable, and easy to move around. anyway hope that helps

    Tracey xxx 28 +3 days
  • thanks for the advice, is it heavy when folded I've heard it is, cant decide between that and a Quinny, in your opinion which one, the mobi is bout ??150 cheaper
  • we nearly bought one of those think they're good value for money as they include all the accessories etc. kiddicare were doing a good price - got run over by one at centerparcs though my a snotty woman LOL who didn't even say excuse me !
  • any other advice from anyone, i really caught between a rock and a hard place here, no where stock the mobi to try it out but been able to play with the qunny till hearts content, bambino direct are doing the mobi for ??365 including everything and they have the Quinny for ??509 for everything, this is the cheapest for both I've seen, any more opinions on which one to get.
  • have the blue one in at 299.99 at the moment until 31st march. chelle x
    e.d.d 4th july pinkbump
  • Hi, a friend of mine has an online baby store, she specialises in Cosatto (they also have a 4 year guarantee). The website is E Mail her as I'm sure she has all colours.
    Emma x
  • I'm looking at the Mobi too.

    It does look like really good value for money - especially on Ebay. It's ??300 for the whole kit including car seat!

    There's also a good video on that shows you it in action and how to put it together etc.

    As long as it fits in my Polo, I'll be happy...
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