Hi, I am going on holiday for 2 weeks in Oct and my son will be 7 months old. I dont want to take my bugaboo so I am looking for something lightweight. Any recomendations?
I have looked at the Quinny Zapp but this does not recline... a must for a 7 month old I think.


  • Just get a cheap stroller from Mothercare hun - or go on ebay and get something used....I have had complaints from friends who say their buggies got dirty or broke in the airplane storage so wish they would have just got something cheap. You wont be using it for very long and chances are, you will only be using it for the trip so it doesnt really matter!
    We have the Zapp too and its ace - but I would still get something cheap for holiday!
  • hey went 2 lanzorote in may with my 1yr old.took my quinny buzz. i wished i took ma bugaboo. goin away to florida next month and will not leave ma bugaboo at home. quinny was ok and compact but not gd if ur out late or for day nap.
  • I have just (this morning) got back from my hols and like you I didn't want to take my bugaboo (the thought of it getting lost, or broken, or sand in the mechanisms just filled me with dread) I bought a Maclaren triumph to take instead and I would say it was just about perfect as a holiday pushchair. We took it right up to the plane and then just folded it down (which is dead easy even if you are holding your lo) It has a hood and a reclining seat and come with a raincover and it is easy to push, Millie seemed comfy and was more than happy to sleep in it. I was so pleased with it, I saw alot of other people with them as well which is always a good sign, as my mum pointed out Maclaren invnted the umbrella fold pushchair so they must know what they are doing! If you need any more convincing not to take your bugaboo, we saw a man at Palma airport who had the top half of his but was still looking for the bottom half 30 mins later!
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