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Hi all! We have decided not to TTC again until the new year so we can recover from the miscarriage fully! We have decided to get a puppy and I wondered if any of you are breeders! Xxx


  • Not a breeder but if you are thinking of getting a puppy I recommend a Border Collie...We have a little collie named Millie who is 1 year old this week and she is amazing with kids! We were very lucky to get such a soft natured dog but Colllies are known for being good with children
  • Hi Becky Lou....really hope you are doing OK hunny, I still think about you all of the time. I have bred German Shepherds and Golden retrievers, my golden, Tiegan was mated last season but didnt concieve so we will be trying again next season. It entirely depends on what breed you are looking for but make sure that whoever you go to has done ALL of the breeds relevent health checks on both of the parents eg.hip scoring, eye testing etc etc.
    A good site is
    You can read up on the breeds there and find out which of the breeds you like are more high maintenance and what their temperaments are like.
    I have trained, bred, shown dogs for years now and also work at a rehoming centre for dogs. If you want any advice on certain breeds etc then please feel free to send me a mail and ask me anything you like, I will help if I can. [email protected]
    Good luck hunny, hope things are getting a little easier, wish you both the very best of luck
    Amy 31+5 xx
  • Golden retrievers are very good with children. Only problem there is they tend to be a bit excitable...mine is 6 and still acts like a puppy which could be a problem when the baby comes!
    Sign up to Kennel club and you can search all the breeders.
  • Hiya

    Not to pry but how long were you thinking of waiting till ttc again? My dogs are 16months and 2 years old and they can both get a bit hyper if not walked enough or get enough attention. We are only just ttc but think if we had a baby when they were a bit younger we wouldnt have coped!

    We decided on 2 as they keep each other company and play outside togetehr while we are out. We're thinking this will be better too when we have a baby as they won't feel so isolated as a single dog may?

    My dogs were rescued as puppies. One is a collie cross and the other is a lab x spaniel.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi,

    I have two dogs and can not ever imagine being without them!

    We have a westie who we got as a puppy from a breeder, and a cross breed (complete heinz 57) that we rescued from the RSPCA

    I just wanted to say maybe consider adopting from an animal centre? Lots of people think that there are only 'old' or 'problem' dogs there but that is def a wrong assumption, especially in this economic climate and this time of year. So many people take on puppies (or breed puppies) and cannot sell or cope with them and they end up in shelters.

    When we went to get Poppy (our cross breed) we spent alot of time with the staff at the centre explaining what kind of lifestyle we had etc and that we were first time dog owners, were thinking of having children in the next few years etc. They were fantastic and narrowed down our search to dogs that they thought would be suitable for our lifestyle and future plans. We then met each of the dogs, some we just knew were not for us (too boisterous, too large etc) and then we met Poppy and just knew she was right. We adopted her when she was 16 weeks old (only 4-6 weeks older then when you get puppies from breeders) and could not have asked for a more perfect dog. I think we could have sold her a dozen times over the last two years because she melts everyones heart. to think that she could have been put down makes me cry.

    I work in a vets and we get a lot of gorgeous young dogs in from both the RSPCA and Dogs Trust, plus i know so many shelters are full to the brim at the moment given the economy.

    However you find him/her, I hope you fnd your perfect puppy image


  • Hi,

    If you're looking for a small, but not too small dog, I grew up with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she was the nicest dog we've ever had (we've always had dogs - usually waifs and strays that people didn't want so we've had plently on Heinz57's and pedigree dogs). Mum wanted something I couldn't cart around like a doll, but not too big and the CKC fit the bill. She was ace with me, my friends, other dogs/cat and any children that visited. Although if I were to get another dog now, I'd want an German Shepherd (another lovely breed we acquired!) if I had to get a smaller dog I'd have not hesitation getting a CKC.

    I would second about Collies needing LOTS of exercise and stimulation - the same with springer spaniels - they are essentially working dogs and need a lot of attention and exercise for them not to get hyperactive. The only dog that's ever bitten me was my grandad's Collie.

    Have a good look around your local rescue centres and good luck you find a suitable pup!
  • I've had 3 collies and the 2 girls are the nicest natured dogs ever, very excitable, kym is 8 now and still jumps up and she is a big collie, meg is much smaller and a more timid nature, neither of them would ever bite, we also had Kerr who unfortunately had to be put down as he was a working dog and there wasn't enough work for him so he got bored and started biting and turned pretty nasty, no good with kids! he wasn't castrated as we had a few littlers with him so this may also have contributed.

    As for king charles spaniels i still have the scars on my face where i was bitten by one when i was 5!!

    Getting a dog is something that you really need to think about, there are so many different kinds and you need to be confident that your dog will not turn nasty to kids when they do come around, a breed is often branded with a certain nature but no 2 dogs are the same as you can see from just a few poeples different experiences of the same breeds! I guess rehoming helps avoid this as the people at the shelters have handled the dogs and know their natures, it's always a good idea to get advice first, ask your local vets?

    good luck!
  • We had a golden retreiver when I was growing up. Unfortunately she had to be put down end of last year at the age of 13. She was a fantastic family dog and would have no qualms with getting a retreiver if we decide to get a dog again. She was overly good tempered, we had her from 6weeks and when we got her my cousins were toddlers.... They'd pull her tail and climb on her she'd just sit there then when she had enough got up and left the room. Would def recommend a retriever or a labrador as a family dog...but they are big dogs so depends what you're looking for.
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