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I'm really intersted in getting the new flar screen monitor. It still seems to be only available in the states. I'm quite happy to get it through ebay (seems like a couple of good sellers). I just had one question I was hoping you might be able to help with???

How does it work!! i mean if it plugs into the mains is it a US plug so need an adapter?? does this effect the quality??

hubby is really keen on the flat screen!!

thanks in advance image


  • hello...
    yes it does have 2 american plugs so you will need adapters. We havent actually tried it out yet, but as you have asked i will try and get back to you in a few days when we have!

    Hubby likes his gadgets but he is good and looks into reviews etc first. Having read the good reviews online we decided it was worth getting one from the US via ebay. We bought ours from loveghsn, it came to $196 ($27 postage). As well as being flat screen it also has both the colour during day unlike the older version avaliable here. It came in about 10-14 days once purchased.

    Feel free to ask any questions.


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  • thanks for that. we thought it might be a case of just getting the adapter. i would be keen to find out how it goes once you've had trial run. i think the price is pretty reasonable really.

    think i might go for it!

  • sorry not replied sooner. when i tried it out before baby arrived there was a slight buzz to it. However, i believe this was because the camera was almost next to the monito. now our daughter has arrived, the camera sits one side of the room and the monitor the really well and cant hear any humming noise. No complaints as yet!

    did you buy one in the end? xxx
  • congratulations on your baby girl. i'm also expecting a girl but am only 28+1 so got a way to go yet.

    i'm still planning on buying the flat screen monitor and am glad to hear it works well. i must get round to ordering it!!

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