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Pushchair General Question? / I candy Cherry??

Hello - does anyone have any idea how much an I candy cherry costs and which retailers are doing good deals on it...... loving the fact its so lightweight and can be a complete travel system.... plus my friend has one and says its excellent... She paid ??450 for car seat, carry cot, pushchair and footmuff... was wondering if I might get a deal somewhere - except apparently I candy dont allow them to advertise prices online - rubbish!

Also has anyone got one?? Any comments.... I read some reviews that the wheels sometimes jammed and the pushchair would recline on some old models - but believe the fault is now fixed......

If not any othe recommendations of a really lightweight chassis with carry cot, pushchair and compatible with a maxi cosi car seat....?

Would be v grateful for any help!!

PS i'm in birmingham and will travel a bit!


  • Hi

    We looked at one and it was ??245. Then you have to buy the car seat if you want to use it as a travel system and if you want one a footmuff. My friend had it and it was lovely, we ended up with a quinny 4 wheeler which broke twice so I now have a bugaboo cameleon which I love!

    I just went to a local baby shop and they had the i candy on display. The lady who owned the shop said she would do a discount if we bought the car seat with the pushchair so you could always ask if they would.

    Good luck looking.
  • Hi hun, I know someone who can get the icandy Cherry very cheap and she will courier it to you. Email me if you want her contact details.


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  • D'oh...

    thank you for your reply - but we've just taken delivery of it.....!! and our car seat as well...

    we have put it together and are very happy with it so if anyone is thinking of it so far so good.... (although my little munchkin is still in my tummy so the proof will come in 12 weeks)

    thank you anyway!
  • Hi - I am looking at the iCandy Cherry Complete System too in Fudge - however have just become really nervous after reading a lot of bad reviews about it - just wondered whether anyone could shed any positive light on it all??? Also they are advertising the price at ??499 for the car seat, carry cot, pushchair, raincovers, footmuff, and changing bag - is this a good price?

    Thanks xxx:\?
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