TENS machine?

Hi, just wondered if anyone has used one of these? Or planning to use one? I really dont want to use drugs during the birth so i'm wondering if this might help?! I'm 37wks now so need to order it soon if i'm going to have one


  • I used the Elle tens Machine and it was a lifesaver! The boost button on it was my best friend and I definitely recommend it. I bought mine, new on Ebay for about ??52 plus P&P and sold it on Ebay afterwards for ??40. Worked out cheaper than renting one!!
  • Hiya,

    I'm a first time mum-to-be and there are some things that i don't know, could you explain to me what a TENS machine does please?

  • It basically sends out a small electrical pulse that blocks the signal going from your nerve endings to your pain receptors in the brain. It feels a bit strange at first, like intense pins and needles but you soon get used to it.
  • I used an Elle tens with both of mine and I thought it was great. This time round I had a really quick labour and didn't have time for anything else, except a bit of gas and air when I was pushing.
  • I rented one free from my local hospital (not sure if you can do that in your area?)
    It did help until the contractions became fairly strong.
    By the time i got to hospital (fully dialated) i'm afraid it was not doing it for me! When i removed it i discovered it had been on contraction mode for hours and i had not even noticed. LOL!
    Everyone is different though, good luck to you.
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