Anyone been to the sales

I went today thinking it would be manic but everywhere I went there were no queues & the staff were telling me how quiet it has been since boxing day!!!

Managed to get all of lo's 9-12months clothes mainly from Next & M&S but my god, what a poor effort on the shops part. Woolies kids clothes were totally crap with virtually no choice & mothercare sale stuff was so expensive, like 9 quid for a top!!!! image so I walked out in disgust :evil: but generally all over there was hardly anything around in 9-12months size for boys so just bought everything I saw in that size as there was nothing else.

Managed to get about 8 pairs of trousers, 15 long sleeve t's, a couple of short sleeve t-shirts, a couple of baby grows from next & several 2 or 3 piece outfits (trousers, top & jumper style) all for about 100 quid in total. ;\)

With what he got for Christmas we are now well sorted for the next 5months at least.:\)


  • I've ordered stuff from Next online, but still waiting on it!! Mostly clothes for 3-4 yrs for my 2 1/2 yr old to grow into, and changing mat for baby due Jan. What else... got baby's going home outfit on the mama's & papas sale, it's so soft and gorgeous can't wait to put it on baby!!! And a few things for myself for whenever I get out of these maternity clothes!!!
  • I went mental in Next all 9-12 month stuff as well, so difficult coz i had to think what the weather would be like when he is that age, no use buying big jumpers or shorts lol but otherwise i still maged to spend about ??150, never looked at anything for me!
  • I spent ??180 in Next about ??100 on little one when I got home and added up what it should have been it was ??427 so I was over the moon with my spending spree
  • I got loads in Next sale as well. My lo is 3 months and I got loads of clothes for 6-9 months as well. I got her a coat and tousers too in the Debenhams sale. I had vouchers fo these 2 shops from when she was born so it was great as it cost me nothing and she got loads of clothes.
  • I too have raided Next!! Haha!!!

    Also got a few gorgeous dresses from Monsoon as they were 50% off!! Rude not too I say!

    Found some fab little random bits, boring but essential stuff. I went for Avent but if you want Tommee Tippee, Mothercare has the sterilser in the sale!

    Oh and got some gorgeous tops in the Adams sale, never been in there before but was quite impressed.

    If anyone finds anymore bargains let us know!!

  • Got some bits of maternity clothes from Next and a couple of designers and Debenhams bits for lo but best bargin was cot and changing unit for new bump. It's from Mama's and Papa's, really lovely and was reduced from ??400 to ??173 for the set. The changing unit even has a baby bath under the changer.
  • I got through to Next on the phone half an hour after they opened the lines on the 1st day of the sale, and they had sold out of every item I wanted (about 50 things for 18 month old next size and bump due anyday, so wont bother in future!
  • I sometimes get an online invite to the sale preview a few days before the sale starts proper but it is a random seleciton & I never got one this year but last year eneded up getting loads of stuff for lo but this time going on line on the first official day was pointless. Everything was gone,got some good stuff in store but the online was crapo.
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