Matrix cup car seat

Hello,thank you everybody who replied to my rainforest jumperoo question.It was very helpfull so here Iam again.We have Jane Nomad Formula travel system plus the Matrix Cup car seat.I cannot fault the system especially the carrycot which I genuinly believe is the best one in the market,leaving the likes of Bugaboo or Quinny far behind.My problem lies with matrix.Is it just us or the other people hate it too?I find it very hard to ajust,near impossible to change positions and I still havent worked out how to ajust a harness.My husband thinks we were given a faulty item.Does anybody have an experience with this? Up untill now the baby travelled by car in the carrycot which together with the buggy is the pure genius,but now she is getting big and Im dreading using matrix.Thanks a lot.Btw,the best price for the jumperoo is on at 79.99 and free express delivery.Ours is on the wayimage


  • My sister had the matrix cup and loved it - can't help with tips re using it - all I can say is she really liked it. Her little girl had bed reflux so they really needed a seat that kept her flat on car journeys.
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