hi ya has anyone bought a highchair recently as want to buy one but there are so many out there to buy and dont know which one to get.


  • advice i bought a stokke highchair wooden one.gr8 4 older babies /children and look nice but not good 4 younger babies x
  • i agree with roxi1 about the wooden ones, I got one the babydan one from ebay... I looked great but had no tray and was hard to get my son in & out of. I ended up getting a chicco polly. Never in a million years did I think !'d be spending ??80 on a highchair but it was the BEST thing I have EVER spent my money on!!!! :lol:


    This is the link for the mothercare site but I got mine from ebay and was ??20 cheaper... a similar model is the Prima Pappa Evo mamas & papas one but dearer.

  • My most hated thing about highchairs is the fact that most have not got removable straps and it makes it awkward to clean them - my toddlers straps are horrendous and we literally need to tip the chair upside down and soak it in the bath. For this next baby, I would like one thats much easier to clean and with straps I can take off to wash - does anyone know of such? Also, it cant be too bulky as my house is poky!! Thanks xx
  • Buy a very simple design. Otherwise you'll need a toothbrush to clean all the fiddly bits. I got a tripp trapp and like someone said they aren't that good for young babies (even worse now they have changed the design) However they are great for older kids.
    I bought a high chair for ??30 from john lewis to keep at my mum's and I love it!
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