car seats.!!!

my lo is 10 months and very nearly out of her first car seat, so ive been looking round for the next one!! how confusing do you need a degree to have a baby?? anyway what do you think is best buy an average price one for 9m - 4yrs. then upgrade (bearing in mind we want more kids) or get a slightly more expensive one which will last till she's 12 or there abouts???? the only problem with that is it might get spoilt before then anyway (potty traing, general wear and tear) also the ones that last longer dont recline and we have family 250 miles away, so sleeping in the car is an option. i think i alredy know what to do, but what have you guys done??? thanks


  • Try kiddicare . com, they are cheaper than many other places. Britax have a car seat finder on their site, it tells you which britax seat is best for your particular car! You dont need one that goes up to 11yrs , they use a booster seat at about 5yrs, my 11yr old daughter doesnt need a car seat shes as big as me!!
  • I would buy one that is till 4yrs if you are planning another child as they can be passed down. We used Britax for our second seat and we will move our eldest to a booster when we need the Britax for our new one. Hope this is useful.
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