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Door bouncers - opinions?

Hello all,

I'm from Due in January. In the last 4 weeks we have done a LOT of shopping! imageimage

I would like a door bouncer for our son, OH isn't so sure.

So what I would like to know is a)Do you think it is worth getting one, b)Is there ones that are safer than others, and c)Which one(s) would you recommend??

Thank you for any replies. xx



  • We had the lindam one and it was fine. Its perfectly safe imo - it clamps onto your door frame really securely so won't come down and although it can be a little awkward to put a wiggly baby into it once you get the hang of it its ok - I never dropped my son and he's a wiggler!! He went in it from about 5 months old ( could have gone in sooner as he had always been able to hold his head up) and loved it. We had it on the door between the lounge and kitchen and as the kitchen was tiled I used to put some of those foam mats down in the doorway so he had something soft to push down on and just in case.

    I think its definately worth buying one - we borrowed my friends one first to try and he loved it - 2 of her 3 kids have loved theirs (their new house doesn't have anywhere to put it for no 3) and when her middle child was in it, her eldest used to use him as a swing and push him around and it never fell down so if it can take the weight of a baby and toddler its doing well. She had the lindam one same as us.

    I can't remember exactly how old my son was when we stopped putting him in it - i think maybe 9 months - he was 8 months when he started to walk holding onto us and after that he wanted to be walked rather than to bounce.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I will have a look at the Lindham bouncer. The only thing I have to worry about is my dogs trying to get through the door, when it's up! lol xx

  • Ella has the tigger one from mothercare and absolutely adores it! I have been putting her in it from about 3 1/2 months as she was supporting her head well!
  • Thanls immense, I'll look at that one too, although I prefer Eeyore! lol xx

  • hi we had one for our daughter and she was perfectly safe (had the lindam one too) this time my cousin has given me her one (not sure on make) and i will be using it when baby is big enough. My hubby isnt keen on them but then hes not at home all day and has agreed with me that daughter was fine so no reason our new addition wont be x
  • We have the standard Mothercare one - red seat with white stars on it. I have no worries at all about how secure she is in it, but I find it a real pain in the bum getting her in and out.

    I don't know if they're all like this, but there's no way of securing it around her, you have to lift her in and out from above and then manoeuvre her arms under the hanging straps, which is really tricky. She enjoys the bouncer alright, but she's very unimpressed with getting into and out of it, so we don't tend to use ours much :roll:
  • Thanks for the info. We'll definitely have a look at some. OH was saying that's about the only thing left to buy, so don't think he's that against them! xx

  • hi my son really enjoys his time in the door bouncer. I have a good system for getting him in and out. i seperate the parts into 3 e.g. the door clamp and bungy, the bar, and the harness. I attach the clamp above the door, lay the harness out on the couch, and have the bar handy. I then lie my son on top of the harness and put it on like a nappy(this way you can put it on evenly), then while he's still lying on the couch i attach the bar to the harness and then using the bar i carry him over to the door and clip him onto the bungy, done! i do the same for getting him out, it's really tricky otherwise!
  • hiya hun iv got the wider older fisher price one and faith absolutely adored it, hours of fun and strengthened her legs so deffo will be using it again this time
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