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baby banz sunglasses

has any1 ever used sun glasses for their baby? Miles is 11 weeks old and his sun shade doesnt shade him much. im thinking of buying baby banz sunglasses for him as they hav a wrap round strap. just wondered if they r worth getting.



  • they are sooo cute, i bought then for my wee boys 1st summer he was 6month (back in 2005) they were ??6 then and i would have paid more they were great, stopped him rubbing his eyes and making them all red! did have to had a wee bit more elastic to the side but that was 4yrs ago so they maybe have diff sizes now!!

    hehe i love this pic of him in them so just thought id share it
  • ah hes so cute in his ikle glasses, ive deffo made up my mind 2 get some now. and ive ordered a pair from my local GreenBaby shop for ??9. cant wait... Miles will be the coolest baby in town with his glasses lol

    thanks 4 ur reply, was really helpful

    lyns xx
  • I bought these last summer, when my lo was 6 months old. He wouldn't wear them! He just kept pushing them down so they ended up round his neck. he is the same this summer, and so they haven't been worth getting for him. Sorry.
  • We bought these last Summer for our 1 year old, and at first he wasn't very keen, but after some encouragement he now loves them. You can also get them from Mini Mode in Boots.
  • I l????ve abroad and by far the best sun product ????s th????s

    Wouldnt bother w????th sunglasses, just get a proper canopy. Th????s one shades LO completely.
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