Can anyone tell me, do Tommee Tippee bottles fit into an Avent steriliser without a problem?

I know the other way round fit (Avent into Tommee Tippee).

I've got the Boots parenting club vouchers for points on Avent stuff, but prefer using the Tommee Tippee bottles, thanks to practice on my neice who has used both cos she didn't get on with Avent.

Don't want to waste money on having to buy a different steriliser if they don't fit!!

Thanks image


  • which tt bottles. closer 2 nature ones fit but i think it only takes 4 at a time cause the are wider x
  • I agree, I think the Closer to Nature are larger.

    I want to breast feed and express so I've been wondering what to do as TT only do manual pumps for their Closer to Nature range which are the bottles I wanted to try.
    I would have to buy and Avent or Medela and fiddle with bottles which is not appealing at all.

    By the way when I contacted TT about bottle warmers to use with the CTN range they recommended a Mothercare one.
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