Nursing Bras

Hi, has anyone got any idea where i can purchase a nursing bra bigger than a 44? I am a 46 and am struggling to find anything. I only have 45 days to go so am getting a bit nervous and am packing hospital bag and its the one thing i cant solve. Please help.



  • I didn't get a nursing bra till a few days after the birth, two reasons, 1- till your milk comes in properly you don't know how big a cup you will need, 2- once baby is out your size may go down, i was a 40E while pregnant, 3 days after the birth i was a 38E but a week later i bought 38G bras as the E cup was tight & leaving red marks over my boobs.

    There is a company on the net that caters for larger sizes, which is where my sil bought her's from, can't remember who but will ask her when i speak to her.

    Have you thought of trying the elasticated crop top style ones made by carriwell? I lived in one of those and the stretchy crop tops from matalan, which are perfect to sleep in.
  • have you tried bravissimo or figleaves? dont know what size they go up to but they do larger sizes.
  • If you can't find one you could get a bra extender from a bra you a couple of extra inches without having to buy another bra.
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