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child trust fund

Just interested to see what sort of accounts people went for with this - I'm trying to decide between a straight forward (low risk) savings account or stakeholder account. Nervous of anything to do withshares in the current climate, although should be looking at the long term as they can't access it until they're 18. I'm hoping we won't still be having a credit crunch in 18 years!

Any thoughts on which are the best companies to go with?



  • Ive gone for a savers account with nationwide. Its only taken a yr to decided. Maybe we wont get as much as investing, but its more than dd would of got not having it. Plus I'm a control freak and like to know whats going on x
  • thanks. I'm the same as you to be honest - quite risk averse! Esp at the moment.
  • Hi

    On the subject of Child Trust Fund, when do you receve the actual voucher they send you?. Our daughter was born six weeks ago, and we have not received anything as of yet.

    We filled in the child benefit forms, and have received the first monthly payment of that, but nothing about the Child Trust Fund yet?

    Can anybody advise?



  • Hi Lara

    Thanks for info, if I have not received anything from them in another few weeks, I will give them a ring.

  • Hi Septembermama
    You should get the voucher automatically once you've got child benefit, I can't remember how soon after I got mine. I'd gve them a call, or there's a link on the website you could use (see "what if I loose my voucer or it doesn't arrive" link).

    (hope the link works!)

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