Can ne1 recommend a reasonably priced footmuff that fits a Mamas and papas pliko p3, i was given a universal one but the straps won't fir thru it, don't really wanna buy an M&P one unless i have to


  • I bought mine from a shop on ebay and got it for under ??12. It is red and fleece lined and the top of it is shower proof. These footmuffs fit all standard prams and seems to fit mine no bother. I use it for my buggy as my silver cross 3d came with the footmuff.
  • Thank u will have a look xxx
  • Have you got a TK Maxx near you? I bought one from there at the weekend for ??14.99. It black with a waterproof cover and fleece inside and it also has extra poppers near the top so that you can make sure baby is covered right up when its really cold, and it also has a pocket with a blanket in it for when it gets even colder. x
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