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Hi ladies,
I am seriously considering selling my Mamas & Papas Ultima 3in1 xcel chassis pram as it just takes up too much room among other reasons!

I adore this pram still & have cherished it & even though i've had some issues will be truly sorry to see it go.
Basically I am thinking on getting a Bugaboo- this was originally my pram of choice but I quickly changed my min (can't remember why now!!) when I saw the one I went for.

I am just wondering who has one & what do you think?


  • Hi, I've got a Bugaboo Gecko (like a chameleon) and I love it. Its really easy to manouver around town and through shops I've pushed it easily with one hand. Its very light so great to push and really easy to get onto and off buses. Our house is quite small with not much storage but it stores away like a dream although in the car it is Also off road its great and the baby can face either way which I love. I think its a really versatile travel system- just don't forget the adapters so can put the maxi- cosi car seat on the chassis part too.
  • Hi!
    I just bought a Bogaboo Bee after letting go of my Quinny Buzz.
    I love everything about it!!!
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