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bugaboo bee, any views ?

Hi, my lo is 6wks old. We borrowed a pilko pramette from a friend so that we could use it for a while until we wanted to get a stroller. But I'm finding it quite big and heavy, we live in a flat. And am considering the bugaboo bee. It can be used form birth and the pushchair can face both me and outwards which I like the idea of.
Any reviews would be great, thanks. Suz x


  • I was in a store today looking at the Icandy cherry which is very similar but slightly cheaper with a carry cot option. The bee is ok (look at reviews on and sturdier than it looks. My only concern is that is does not have a carry cot option and that the seat looks smaller for the toddler stage. however that said is is a bugaboo which a great??!!!x
  • Hi - I was desparate for one of these since before lo was born ...i was looking at itin mothercare and it broke!! I think this is a bit small for the money. I bought a Maclaren spitfire in the end!
  • I was in mothercare and asked for a demo on a bee yesterday (I alrady have the cameleon and love bugaboo) the display model was rubbish and kept breaking and was very stiff. Even the shop assistant said they were not that reliable and had had a few returned broken. I really was not impressed with it al.
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