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stokke tripp trapp or babydan highchair

Has anybody had either of these? were they any good? looking for a highchair that we can have at the table...

please help!

thanks x


  • We've had both!! I originally bought the Babydan for my eldest (now 2 1/2) as a cheaper alternative to the Stokke. The first time I washed the cushion (following instructions) it fell to pieces, and the back of the chair was wobbly because the holes weren't drilled properly. We carried on using it untill a couple of months ago when my lo needed a highchair when we bought two Stokke tripp trapps. They are in a toatally different league to the Babydan, you can adjust every bit of them so your lo is sitting properly, not slumped or uncomfortable, and they will adjust to fit all the way up to adulthood. That was part of the reason we bought two, we intend to use them as spare adult chairs when the lo's are grown up. They are well made, sturdy and really easy to adjust, the only thing we've found to fault them at all is that they are a bit pricey. I bought ours from who were fantasticaly helpful, keep all the colours in stock and delivered free the next day, they were also cheaper than everywhere eles. Hope that helps.
  • Thanks bedhead! Think you are my baby equipment guru! Have been looking at back in action and ebay and was wondering if i need the harness as well as the baby seat and cushions....

    Thank you again, em
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