MY 3 from Mothercare

I am thinking of buying this pram. Does anyone have it or had any experience with it. What is it like.

Any comments grately appreciated.

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  • Hey there was a post on the pregnancy forum a while ago which was really positive about it. It looks like a really nice pram tho!
    Lizzy xxx
  • thanks, i have tried looking but cant find any. The ones on Mothercare website say it is good, but it would do on there i suppose.
  • that's the one that I've been looking at. It does look good. It will be really good to know if anyone else has it or has tried it.
  • I work for mothercare and we got our My3 display model in the other day and i absolutely love it! Almost wish I was pregnant again just to get it! I do think it's a bit expensive though
  • It is expensive compared to some of the other ones, but mum thought they were more like ??700 so ??400 was a bargin, im lucky mum and dad are buying as its my first, they are both very excited about being grand-parents.
  • I saw a new mamas and papas pushchair today which is really similar to the My3 but it's ??575 and it doesn't even come with the car seat, you have to buy that separately!
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