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Changing table / unit

Can anyone recommend a changing table / unit? I'm looking to spend about ??50-100, preferably at the lower end. Just need a basic changing unit with drawers / cupboard space under to keep baby things in. Thank you in advance.


  • I couldn't recommend one as I didn't get one as they I thought they were a waste of money (i have a chest of drawers so that it can be used later on and have put the mat on top) - but why don't you look in argos cataolgue - I don't think any of them are over ??100
  • hiya!

    we use this one from ikea... its very basic but does the job and isnt to bulky!!

    and you get small storage drawers there aswell that will fit perfect underneath it to keep things hidden... esp when baby starts crawling!
  • I also wouldnt bother and just get a standard set of drawers
  • Hi

    Can I butt in, I am have been wondering what to get, does the set of drawa with the changing matt work ok is it comfy enough? I haven't bought anything yet xx
  • Absolutely - After a few months when baby ????s roll????ng and a few months after that when they k????ck the l????v????ng dayl????ghts out of you then you w????ll be chang????ng them on the floor!!!
  • Hi

    I got one from IKEA for around ??20, basic but does the job and turns into shelves when the baby has outgrown it.

  • I also got one from Ikea, but not that one shown already. it is a bit more expensive (??70 for the unit plus an extra ??20 for the changing bit - which you can take off after and are left with a nice cupboard).

    We also got these 'baskets' to put in the gap for storing cotton wool, nappies, etc. in for ease of use.

    There is nice matching furniture which goes with the unit too for when we finally sort out a proper nursery.
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