Nursing bras

I'm expecting my first baby in 5 weeks (yikes!) and will hopefully be breastfeeding. Do I really need a special nursing bra - they aren't the most attractive things I've ever seen! :\?


  • Hi Pat,
    You do need one really, it is not at all easy to feed in a normal bra as which ever way you move it it can press on your milk ducts and cause problems. I know what you mean about them not being attractive but it is possible to get nice ones. Elle Mcpherson Intimates La Mere is lovely, they do it in black, white or nude (try I have a black one and I love it so much I have just orderd the white! (It gives me a clevage to die for and is really comfy too) Emily B do some nice ones as well (try Jojo Maman Bebe). To start with I would just get cheap plain ones untill you know your size, they have to guess your size based on what size you are now so they may not fit once feeding is established. The nice ones do tend to be quite expensive(??35 ish) so it is probably better to wait untill you have been feeding for a few weeks and everything has settled down.
    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for the advice. It's so confusing knowing what you need to buy and what will just sit in a cupboard after a couple of uses. P
  • When should you buy a nursing bra, at how many weeks???
  • I think that they say you should get measured for one at 36 weeks or whenever the head is engaged. I got my first ones from mothercare, they do a measuring service as well. Getting the right size is a bit confusing as they measure you and then take some off the back to allow for your ribcage dropping after the birth and add some on the cup size to allow for your milk coming in. I bought some to sleep in as well which were good as when your milk first comes in you do tend to leak everywhere!
  • Thanks Bedhead!
    It's great to have someone around with the know-how!
    Glad I've stamblled across this post - you've answered all my questions!

    image cheers,
  • No problem einav, glad it helped. Its amazing how much I have learnt in the 7 months since I had lo. If you'd asked me before I had her I wouldn't have had a clue!
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