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How do I find out which carseat fits into my car?

Hi I am new here

I am looking for pushchair Travel systems, but have heard that not all carseats fit into your car. (Vauxhall Vectra)
How do I find out which carseat/infant carrier fits into my car without buying it first and trying it? Is there any website guide?



  • hi there are a few links on here i guess it depends on the brand of car seat you could check by googling b4 you buy or try at halfords and mothercare... however do not take their word for it that it doesn't fit if they say so as on 2 seperate occasions, once at each shop with diff. car seats we were told they didn't fit out alpha only to try the other and low and behold they did!!!!! confused yip sorry seat fit&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GGLR_enGB245GB245&q=car+seat+fit+finder
  • Hi massaya

    I would consider getting a nice pushchair and a 0+ car seat if it will fit in your car. Travel systems are so expensive and our chinky monkey outgrew his 0+ car seat at 6 moths - they work out so expensive.

    But, to answer your question most of the car seat manufacturers have websites that tell you which car they fit.
  • Thanks for the advice.

    @Tyger: I had the impression travel systems were cheaper than buying seperate pushchair+ Car seat.
    There are travel systems on the market starting from 120 pound (for example from Graco).

  • Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat is a great choice. I bought for my daughter. Now my little son uses it.

  • Try going along to Mothercare and asking them to try the seats you are considering in your car. They have a good range at the big retail park stores and are more than happy to try fitting them for you. Otherwise, the Britax website tells you which of their car seats have been crash tested in specific cars/models.

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