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Gorgeous gifts for new parents!

Hey girls - seems like there's a baby boom at the minute - at least 4 of my closest friends have had babies in the last 4 months!! Well, I'm sure they were getting as sick of the outfits from Next as I was of buying them (not that there's anything wrong with them!!), but I started looking for alternative presents.

I was at the Big into Baby show in Belfast a while back and came across the stand for "Cherry Red Crafts", the owner, Gillian, makes the most gorgeous handmade crafts - perfect gifts for new parents! So far I have bought 2 of her "framed keepsakes" that show babies name, weight, date-of-birth etc and they were absolutely beautiful. My friends were delighted with them, and they would be a lovely addition to any nursery. There were a few tears....must be the hormones!!

You can have a wee look at her website here:

but the pictures don't do justice to how lovely the gifts are!! The keepsakes I bought were in white frames, instead of the wooden frame shown on the site and were so cute!

Anyway, just thought it would be nice to have a "rave" instead of a "rant" for a change!!! Normally I'm complaining, but I was so pleased with these and if my OH knows whats good for him there'll be one up in our nursery when I get out of hospital with Baby Spud!!

Prices are extremely reasonable (under ??25), although I didn't pay P&P because I live locally and was able to collect them.
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