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Pram to fit in a Mini?

Hi Girls

I'm new here, hope you don't mind me bustling straight in with a question!

I've got a Mini, which i love and i'll be GUTTED if i have to sell it. Hubby and i are TTC and i keep looking at the boot of the car thinking there's no way i'll fit a pram in there! The dimensions of the boot are way short of the folded dimensions of prams that i've seen on websites.

So i really just wanted to ask if there are any other Mini drivers here and if so, have you managed to find a pram/pushchair that fits in it?



  • Up until 6 weeks ago, I had a MINI. When I was looking for a pram my boss (who also has a MINI) told me that they had looked around for ages and the only one they could find that fits was a Quinny Buzz. I bought one of these on that basis and it fitted fine, I just had to remove the parcel shelf and it was great. Well, it was great until I had to use the pram unit rather than the car seat attachment, as the Buzz won't fold with the pram unit attached I had to fold down one of the rear seats to get it all in. The main problem with the Mini, is putting the car seat in the back - it's not easy at all!! Most of the time I would put Poppy in the front as you can turn off the passenger airbag.
    I would have a look in Mothercare as they are getting smaller all the time!
  • I don't know about the bugaboo bee but the chameleon definately doesn't fit in a Mini. The chasis fits fine so it is ok if you use the carseat but neither the carrycot or the seat unit will go in the boot. I very reluctantly sold my CooperS when Millie was 6 months old as to be honest it was a pain in the butt. Like Donna says getting the car seat in is also a faff but if you go for a seat with a base it is much easier.
  • Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated.
  • Have a look at Micralite. I'm having a real headache over travel systems as we too have a small car (a smart forfour) but we live in the country by the beach and so want a pushchair that will go off road and they're all huuuuuge. Trouble is that even if you find one that fits in the boot you still have all the other baby things to squeeze in if you are visiting family, going out for the day, etc.
  • I hadn't even heard of Micralite but i'll have a look. Thanks for the suggestion, Redpod. You're right about all the other stuff that will need squeezing in too. We need to think carefully!
  • Do you have another car as well or is your mini the only one? Untill I got rid of mine I used to swap cars with oh if I was going anywhere for a full day so I could get all the other stuff in as well. Oh wasn't very happy about the arangement, he thought my car made him look gay, but it did mean that if I needed to I could take a bit more stuff!
  • Hi Bedhead, no the Mini is our only car (hubby has a train pass!) so i'm a bit stuck if i can't get things to fit. We walk most places locally anyway so the local stuff's not an issue at all, but (for example) my mum lives miles away, as do in-laws, so we really do need to be able to transport all the necessary stuff.

    Thanks for all the replies so far.
  • In the mamas and papas book it shows the aria pushchair in the boot of a mini. If you buy the car seat it turns into a travel system so you can use it from birth otherwise you can only use the aria from 6 months. I have a corsa and got a quinny buzz 4 wheeler as it was the only one that really fitted in my boot and hubby's boot (he's got a punto). I still have to take the wheels off tho! But never mind.
  • I had a mamas and papas aria I got it from argos with all the bits for about ??180 and its an OK pushchair / travel system but lo can't lie flat and as I do a bit of walking decided to get a new pushchair that lies flat. It really depends what you want push chair for I would deffo go into mothercare or somewhere as they will help you. Good luck!
    Amy xxx
  • The mamas n papas luna supposedly fits in a mini, however I have a corsa n have to take the parcel self off to fit it in lol.
  • Hi everyone,
    this is my first post, but felt i had to comment.

    I too have a small car (actually don't think you can get any smaller?) i have a smart fourtwo the one that looks like a roller skate! lol.

    I love my little car and can't afford to change it, and i've never had probs with the size before, (went camping for two weeks once in it, with a six man tent 2 chairs table and air bed plus all other camping essentials!!)
    so when i found out i was pregnant i wasn't worried about fitting little one in, my bf has a peaugot (sp?) so ok for family trips.
    But was i was concerned about the prams as most travel systems look really bulky.
    Woman at work told me about the LOOLA made by bebe confort and it's great, went to mothercare and had a demo then found a link for and they have a great video. Then i bought the whole system on Ebay for under ??100 it was 7 mnths olds and in ace condition)

    This is brill for small cars as it comes apart (ie car seat clips off chasis and pushchair seat does same) and folds down to nothing and you don't have to take wheels off like some models!

    I'm really pleased with my purchase, just wanted to share as i'm so pleased i don't have to get rid of smarty....

    C xx
  • the luna is brill for smalll boots! and they have them in fab colours!
  • Thank you for your replies ladies, i'm having fun researching all the prams you suggest! Really appreciate it x
  • Mmm maybe I'll look at the Luna too. Trouble is I really need one with wheels that will tolerate off-road conditions. I've just started looking at the Ziko Herbie as it has all-terrain wheels at the rear and looks like it folds down quite small but I haven't seen one in the flesh - does anyone else have experience of a Ziko Herbie?
  • the graco mosaic one travelsystem folds up like a stroller, and the graco cleo folds quite small too, dunno if either of these will fit into a mini tho.other than that another mum on here mentioned that babies r us let her take some show prams to her car to try out for size.hope that helps
  • I have a luna which i love, and you can buy the matching accessories. Its meant to fit into a boot of a Mini (don't know anyone with one though, so can't test it lol!) It fits in my aunties car which is a fiesta and the boot is quite small!

    Redpod...Not sure what its like off-road, although we did go to the beach the other day and its was fine on the quite hard sand.

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  • is it an old Mini or a new one? if its an old Mini then there is NO chance youll find something to fit in the boot ! i couldnt even fit my suitcase in the boot of my 1986 Mini... lmao it was stupid, i really didnt want to sell it so i had car seat in the front seat and i used to lay the pushchair along the back seat, until it became too much of a pain in the backside.

    ive never seen a boot in a new Mini so i cant possibly say, but my advice for any small car is never buy a travel system as they are so bulky when they fold up.
  • It's a new Mini, the boot is just ridiculously small! I can rarely fit my weekly shopping in there at the supermarket (to give you some idea of size!). I think the best thing for us to do is take it to Mothercare or somewhere and ask someone to let us try them inside before we buy.

    Thanks so much for your replies ladies. x
  • Hi dreamy, it might be worth looking for a pram that has a good carrycot that you can double up as a moses basket when you go away, otherwise you might have to take a travel cot as well as the pram and other stuf like sterilisers, toys, bouncy chairs etc etc etc when you go and visit your family.

    I wouldn't describe myself as a light packer and we have a Bugaboo which unless you take the wheels off doesn't fold down particuarly small, however even with a car that has a big boot I really struggle with packing in everything needed for a weekend away.
  • The Phil & Ted's Explorer fits in the boot with the wheels off (they pop off really easily).

    Also the pebble with Easy Base 2 fits in the back without ISOFIX.

    The 'Mini car seat' was a very bad fit and had to go back.

    We are now really happy we don't have to part with our 53reg Mini.

    Time for some weekends looking at cots now the logistics are covered :?
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