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has anyone used the Windoo carrycot?

Hi all! I've got the bebe comfort loola! I have my heart set on also getting the windoo carry cot! Has anyone else used it and how did you find it! They are a lot of money if they are a waste of time! Also thinking of getting one second hand! What do you think! Xxx


  • Hi There, i have a Loola with all the different additions, carry cot, car seat, pushchair etc and the carry cot is fab. My daughter was very long when she was in it and i think some of the others aren't as big as the Loola. It's easy to change the carrycot to pram etc too if you're looking to do that.
    I've not really had any major problems with any of the features on the pram just a few niggely bits.
    Hope this helps x
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