Fitting buggies in car boots

I have to downsize my car and am thinking of buying a new Vauxhall Corsa. Does anyone know if a buggie will fit in the boot? The boot size does not look very big so I am unsure if it will be suitable.


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  • They fold down to such different sizes and shapes, the only way to be sure is to take YOUR buggy with you and try it.
  • do you really need to downsize? i cant believe how much stuff you sometimes need to carry and how quickly the car fills up! xx
  • the quinney zapp folds down really small
  • hiya does it have to be a corsa? there are afew different small cars on the market..
  • When it was just my son and I we had a mini cooper - managed to fit everything in it for 2 week Xmas holiday - including cot, buggy, high chair etc. Also did well with Nissan Micra (not current model the last one) with split seats. But you need to check them with your own gear to make sure they fit.
  • You got all that stuff in a Mini Daska? image You must pack way better than me, I had to sell my CooperS as I couldn't get anything in it when the pushchair was in the boot. Are you sure you weren't secretly driving the Tardis? :lol:
  • I can get hardly anything in my Mini Cooper!!! Crikey Daska!!
  • i cant drive.. but my mums boot is pretty big
  • My courtesy car has a big boot...but thank god it does bk on Friday! I want my mini back!!
  • My other half had to sell his mini cooper nearly 2 and a half years ago now when I was heavily pregnant with our first. He was so gutted but it's just not a very practical car! he couldn't even get his golf clubs in it without putting the seats down! I used to have a corsa and had no trouble getting our 3 wheeler in. Sadly I wrote it off and now drive an Astra which has room for two pushchairs and more!! Great for us as we now have two kids and I was getting fed up of having to move the front seat to get my daughter in and out! x
  • I've just ordered my pram and was really surprised at how big it was and how cramped my boot is. If you go to Mamas and Papas they will try it for you before you buy it. I've got a new Audi a3 5 door and the boots deep but not that wide, and i was really panicking because I've taken so long deciding what I wanted and then I finally make my mind up - its a snug fit. I'm hoping it will be easy enough to get in and out, My husband's face lit up - he was rubbing his hands together, thiinking about all the big cars we could get - but its not happening, yet anyway,. and I'm hoping as soon as I've finished with the pram bit the pushchair bit will fit easier. xx
  • I decided to sell my mini cooper S for the same reasons!
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