pelvic floor exerciser!

just got the aquaflex from boots reduced to ??5

its only reduced to ??20 on line so well worth going to boots to see if they got any
im assuming reductions will be countrywide
there were quite a few in my nearest store. xx


  • not tried it yet, i only got it coz it was soooo cheap.
    i been doing exercises since i had lo 10m ago and pretty much ok but a big hayfever sneeze and thats it!
    i stand trying furiously to wind mi legs round so not to do a wee,lol image
    so thought id give it a go
    bf says all is well sorry tmi, but cant help feeling a little paranoid.
    any more comments from not funny anymore mates about throwing a sausage down oxford st i will hope that they give birth to baby elephants! lol
    will let u no how it goes hun, its bound to be a hilarious experience. image)
  • On my way to Boots now!!!! After having 2 kids and being pregnant again with my 3rd, my Pelvic Floor is non-existent!!!! I know exactly how you feel constantly crossing legs and not daring to sneeze or laugh!!!! I just hope it works!!!!!!:lol:
  • wonder if its only here its down to a fiver?

    bloody ell might av 2 go back for some more and put em on e bay! lol. xxx

    joanne u will just have to stock up on the good old tena lady til u had ur lo image)
    i couldnt leave the house without em much 2 bf amusement. x
  • oh hun, we get it all dont we, bags under our eyes, walking round like a sleep deprived zombie and doing a wee everytime we move,lol

    he just has to put up with cash shortage due 2 incontinance pads, eye cream, face masks, lots of essential oils for bath, extra choc supply ect, just to make us feel human again!
    bf used to want to die every time i went in boots,lol xx
  • i swear by esl touche eclait. bf whent very pale at the til
    so if he ever dont pull his weight take him with u to get some! bf suddenly showed a little concern 4 my lack of sleep,lol

    though expect some foul language and slight embarrasment in the shop image
  • oohh goodie, thanks hun, i used to be in the kitchen all the time as i love cooking but babies limit time, last time i did fillet steak by time i managed to cut it chew it swallow the rest went cold,lol
    oliver loves fish so will check out that site and give him salmon as i dont think babies can have monkfish coz of summat in it. xx

    how r ur babes hun well i hope, thinkin of ur other post, my daughter never really messed with my stuff til now, prob why i really want another lo.
    yes i am mad,lol xx
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