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Has anyone been to the baby show?

Hi everyone

I am going to the baby show in october and I was wondering if anyone had been before. The only reason I ask is that I am due in november and I havent brought any big things for the baby eg, pushchair, cot bouncer etc. so I was wondering if it is a good idea to wait till I go to the baby show as I have heard that they do very good deals and all the latest stuff or shall I not buy the big things there??? Please help someone as I have not got a clue.


  • Hi MFB,
    I went last year and I will defo be waiting to buy the big things there next time.

    I found that the discounts weren't as great as I had hoped (MOthercare 10% etc) but the range was fantastic and there were companies that you wouldn't find normally. I would defo wait for the pushchair at least, even if you don't purchase one on the day, as at least you can have a play with them and you may find one that you hadn't considered before.

    Have a great day, you'll love it!!! xxx
  • Thank you Amy. What day did you go because I heard if you go on the last day you get bigger discounts and is it really busy if you went on the weekend? x
  • Oh yes, it was packed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I took my baby daughter too which was a very bad idea as she hated the crowds so will be finding a babysitter this year!

    We went on the Saturday before but will go on the Sunday this year as heard several people say about the discounts!! xxx
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