Recommend a baby bouncer?

We have been offered a baby bouncer as a present for our baby, but I don't know which one to suggest! I know that budget will not be a consideration, but wouldn't ask for the most expensive one just simply because it is expensive which many people think = best. Does anyone have any recommendations please? I think I would like one that can be used for the longest possible time, as babies do seem to outgrow everything so quickly!

Thanks very much.


  • I think most bouncers really only last for the 1st 6 months but I would say if you are going for one go for one with a vibration unit coz it was great for settling our 1st little one

    Hilary x
  • with my 1st child we had one of those vibrating bouncers with different speeds and a toy bar, very padded, expensive etc. it was good but he was never bothered about the vibration and it didn't "bounce" when he moved which is kind of the point so with my second we just got a basic ??20 bouncer with toy bar from mothercare and he loved it! and it bounced when he kicked his legs which was a comfort to him and he learnt to rock (or bounce) himself to sleep!! we used it for about 7 months and would definitely recommend it!
  • I really like the Chicco relax and play rocker!

    I had a bouncer with my first, but thinking of going for a rocker this time as they tend to last longer and can recline and sit up.
  • ive got the fisherprice jungle bouncer my lo loves it so much the vibrating setttles him so quickly and he loves the toy bar and looking at the lights and the music! i hope he doesnt grow out of it to soon!! i would def recommend it!
  • Thanks very much for your ideas - I will suggest them!
  • We got the fisherprice 3 in one rocker. It goes from birth and can be used as a rocking chair for a toddler. We got it coz most only seem to last for 6 months and this one goes to 2 yrs ish. LO loves it. It has a toy bar and vibration.
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