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Best Nappies?

I'm trying to decide what to stock up on and really i want to kow whther tesco own brand are as good as pampers and huggies or whether pampers and huggies are worth the extra money.

What have some experienced mummies found to be the best?


  • BE ate my reply!!!!!arrrrrr!!!!!
    Do you mean newborn nappies?
    I can not help you with tescos own as i have never used them but huggies are smaller than pampers so i used huggies then moved onto pampers.
    Huggies go a newborn box which has a pack of nappies and some travel wipes and in the box there is a ??2 off coupon so it is worth buying one then using the coupon to get the nextimage
  • TBH I wouldn't stock up too much on any. Different brands fit different babies better. I swear by Pampers on my two but I know a lot of people who have nothing but leaks with them.
  • I have used Tesco new born nappies on Lo when he was born, they are very good no leaks, I am not very keen on pampers ,higgies are good and huggies tesco nappies and pampers are all on offer in tesco at the moment and I think boots have some offers.
  • Don't buy to much and try diffirent brands. When lo was born huggies did not fit him and where awfull, pampers was ok, but did not like the mesh in there. Eventually we got him in Asda owns and they where lovely. But 4 weeks down the line, huggies fit perfectly, pampers was not the greatest fit anymore and asda's own where ok. We still use Asda owns and had no leaks with them as of yet, but only using them at night (reusables during the day)
  • when my LO was first born i tried the huggies n didnt really like them as he used to get the grainy silicone stuff all round his goolies (not really sure why or how this happened but did it several times) so i switched to pampers which have been brill but he's 21 months and still has nappies and the pampers dont seem to hold enough wee as he has bigger wees now so im trying other brands now (he does do the odd wee in his potty so he's getting there lol) i would say i'll use pampers this time too but i've got a few huggies cuz i used my coupons x


  • Thanks for all the replies i've got some pampers, huggies and tesco's now so we can try them all out and see what works best
  • I used to use Pampers and found they leaked. I now use Tesco and have never turned back. I will definitely use Tesco nappies again if I have have number 2.
  • I tried pampers when my son was born,the very small nappies was great but size 1 onwards just leaked.I now use huggies and tescos own which i find stronger.Also if you join the tesco baby and toddler club you get alot of money of vouchers.Remember every child is different so its trial and error x
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