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Has anyone got the Bugaboo Bee?

Hi everyone - I am thinking of getting the Bugaboo Bee for my baby. The reason for this is that I live in London and use trains/tubes a fair bit and I also live one the second floor of a house conversion so will be up and down stairs a lot (and I'm not very strong!). I also have quite a small 2 bed flat with very little storage, and will hopefully be getting a car soon (which will also be small - probably a Fiesta or Corsa).

I have read that the BB folds up really small and is very light too - the only thing is that it might not last that long as it seems really small...

Any advice, opinions much appreciated! xx


  • Not got it but do like it! If you search the web for reviews I'm sure some do say that they're 2 1/2 yr old fits in it so think it will last but thats just what I read. Sorry not much help!
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