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Which Travel system for a long journey with 12 week old baby

Hi my baby is due in the 1st week of March. Yet I have not decided which travel system to buy.
I wanted to ask your help. Me and my mother are making a long journey with the baby when the baby is 12 weeks old.
The journey involves nearly 2 hours of travel by taxi to the London Heathrow airport and then around 12 hours by flight and again 5 hours of journey by taxi. Could you please help me in deciding which would be a better travel system to buy?


  • Lightweight.

    Personally I would buy a lightweight stroller which can recline fully & then just take a car seat for the baby to be in during car travel. You can strap the car seat to the pushchair if you are in & out of differnt cars but when you arent needing the car seat it can be left at home & the lightweigth stroller will be much more practical.

    I did a similar journey when my son was 11 weeks, 2hrs to heathrow & a 14hr flight to thailand, followed by 7 internal flights whilst in country. We took a trekker sytle pushchair & it was a pain & wish I had just take a umbrella stlye mclarens or similar image

  • Maybe the Maclaren XLR travel system? The XLR is about as good as it gets for an umbrella fold stroller, lightweight, proper lay flat seat and all round suspension. I would check with the airline about the car seat though, unless you book a seat for the baby you won't be allowed to take the seat into the cabin and personaly I didn't fancy putting it into the hold when we flew incase it got damaged. Would it be possible to hire a car seat at your destination instead?
  • hi. the graco mosaic travel system is good. compact but also with car chair. xxx
  • hi my cousin had a similar journey to make, with lo when she was only 8 weeks.. (she lives in dubai and was going home after having her baby in the uk) she used the quinny buzz with the maxi cosi car seat, but she said she hardly used the car seat during the flight as her airline had basinettes to lie baby in....
    hope this helps. x
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