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Freedom Slings

Does anyone have one the above? would yu advise the padded sling or just the normal sling?


  • Te he, I have an addiction to these slings! I've got a padded sling, a celtic traveller and I have bought a corry and carry for my new baby. I think it depends what you want to use it for . If you are planning on breast feeding in it then the padded one is a bit more comfy for lo's head. Also if you think you will still use it when lo is bigger (and I did) the padded one means they have the padding under there legs when you have them on your hip. However I did find that the padded one wasn't so good for using as emergancy reins or straps in a highchair because the padding gets in the way, it also take up more room in your bag.
    Hope that helps
    Kerry xx
  • i have a padded one - love it!
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