Size of travel systems

We went pushchair/pram/travel system shopping on Sunday and was recommeded the silvercross 3d travel system as a good affordable all rounder. Thought it sounded a good idea.

Yesterday my wife took her P reg VW Polo to mothercare to see if travel seat fitted okay - it didn't - the seat belt was a little too short, and the seat "wobbled"- next she found it was almost impossible to get it into her boot - due to its sheer bulk

She tried a different system - the seat fitted better but again real problems trying to get the bloody thing into her book

So we have had to scrap that idea.

We are now thinking about going for a sling/harness for the first 4-6 months, get a good car seat with a base and the get a buggy a little later like the mclaren xt

And maybe use a popup carry cot?

Have other users had this problem - surely a Polo is not such a rare car that these things don't fit.

Does anybody else have any better ideas?

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  • You dont have to have the car seat that matches the pram. Find a car seat that fits your car 1st as this is the most important thing to have, try halfords, mamas and papas, or toys r us. I bought a fisher price seat from mothercare which is quite compact because we only have a toyota yaris, my pram wont fit in the back so i bought a stroller that can be used from birth just for use on buses and in the car. I dont drive so my main pram gets used daily. A sling can be a good idea as long as the baby isnt a big one, i was only able to use my sling for a month because my baby was 11lb 4oz when born, so he became too heavy to carry around like this. Good luck with your search. Debs x
  • If you are thinking of using a sling it might be worth looking at a traditional ring sling instead of a more modern shaped carrier as I find that they spread the weight better. I still use my sling (which I got from now and Millie is 11 months old, I had to give up using the carrier at about 2 months as it killed my back. The Maclaren Techno XT is suitable from birth as well so that might be a good option.
  • thanks for your answers

    Chatting to the guys in the office here - they've recommended a "quinny" system - not too familar with this name. Is this/would this be any better
  • I had the same problem with the Graco travel system - it was too big for my Fiesta boot. I have now bought the Silvercross Jet sport pram/buggy and it just about fits into my boot diagonally. The car seat that matches didn't fit as seatbelt was too short so i have now bought a Britax car seat that fits into my Fiesta and my Husbands Peugeot 206.
  • we had to change our car to fit the travel system we wanted. i think small cars are just not meant for babies & their equipment! think the Quinny might not be suitable from birth (the pushchair must be able to lay flat for newborns).
  • The Quinny chassis doesn't really fold down all that small so might not be suitable for your polo.
    Quinny Buzz comes with separate carrycot so suitable from birth and maxi cosi car seat fits quinny chassis. Maxi cosi quite versatile so should fit your polo.
    Quinny quite a good make. Loads of people on this site give really good feedback about Quinny.
    Hope you find suitable system.

  • Thanks for your comments about Quinny - it is a real nightmare isn't?

    my wife just popped down to mothercare and after much trying off different system tried their own brand - an "Atlan" system - on special offer at the moment - and a lot better priced than the "names" - but how does it stack up against the others.

    Has anybody had any experience with this brand

    Sorry to keep on bombarding the thread with questions

    Thanks to you all
  • borrowing a friends mothercare travel system at mo as my silver cross has gone for repair seems good she has had no problems with it...
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