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Buggy borads to fit Silvercross 3D any ideas???

As my lo is 16months and I'm 12+5 with no2 I'm thinking ahead to double buggies etc. So picking people's brains really.

The Silvercross pram/pushchair/travel system has different shaped metal parts than other buggies I've seen buggy boards on, so now I'm worried that one won't fit. I'd like the best of both worlds where I can use the pram/pushchair with my newborn as well as a doublebuggy.

Anyone have any advice or experience with this? THANKS


  • Hi, my lo is 14 months old and will be 17 months when my next lo arrives. He has been walking since he was 11 months old but I decided it would be better to get a tandem buggy as I do a lot of walking and although he is a good walker he doesn't always go where I want him to or at a decent pace!

    I researched buggy boards but found a lot of people gave them negative feedback so in the end I have bought a Graco Quattro Tour duo tandem buggy and it is totally fab. Really sturdy, folds down to the same size as my original Graco travel system, and it still has a good size basket underneath and little pouches all over to store things. You can use the back seat for a newborn and you can clip a car seat into it like a single travel system and still have room for your toddler in the front.

    I would recommend going and having a play with a few in the shops so you can see what they are like to fold down. How big they are and if they feel sturdy enough for what you need. Some of the doubles/ tandems we looked at seemed really flimsy, or where massive when you collapsed them down.
    Happy shopping! x
  • Thanks for advice
    I am planning to get both a buggy board and a double buggy, so best of both worlds depending on mood of LO and what I am doin etc!
    I've lookied at tandams and most of them are too big for the boot of our car, I've found 2 side by sides that will fit so far!
  • The Buggyboard Maxi will fit your Silver Cross and according to the website, it's a good fit too

    Mothercare sells this Buggyboard for ??59.99
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