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Changing Bag ( what should I look for? )


Found this site today on another forum post and they do changing bags: .I have'nt really thought about one yet but looking at these there seems alot to look into. Any advice or tips would be great. What should i be looking for?


  • some changing bags are really gorgeous image

    but after a while mine was full of things that really didnt need to be there... and ended up ripping image

    this time im just going for the freebie one from boots
    it will do the job image
  • Hi,
    I would say look for pockets and pockets and then some more pockets!!
    I bought an expensive one and then quickly realised it was a total waste of money and now use the one that came with my pushchair.
    I always carry my purse, camera, diary and pen and hairbrush so I don't have a handbag. Plus all lo's stuff like his red book, nappies, nappy bags, wipes, handwash stuff, spare clothes. So the more the pockets the better. Also a cahnge mat included is handy and some sort of divider to kepp it all in place.
    Anway congratulations and happy change bag shopping!
  • The one from Boots is not bad. You need to join the parenting club, then buy a pack of pampers and you get it free.
  • I've got the Boots freebee one, it does what it says on the tin! I can get plenty in it and it has loads of compartments, also the insulated bottle holder works really well at keeping bottles hot or cold, however you want them!
  • I had a change bag with my quinny buzz, I bought an accessories pack then from to store things etc. and had a free change mat from a magazine!
    Next has some pretty stylish ones...
  • It depends a bit on what sort of girl you are? and what sort of trips you are out on and also whether you breast of bottle feed?

    If you want something a bit glam - look at the ju ju be bags. These are great partly cuz they have a 'mommy pocket' (American brand!) so you don't need to take a handbag as well. - this site has videos of all the bags which are quite entertaining and handy for seeing how big the actual bags are.
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