Hi All,
anybody got any ideas for a clock to use in 4 year olds bedroom. Something that is clear, so that he can see when it is 7 o????lock. Time to get up!!!! Am I fooling myself???
Hope someone can help.
Tracy xxx


  • hi, they do one that is a rabbits face and you set the time for the rabbits eyes to open so you could try telling him its not time to get up till the rabbit is awake. Good luck
  • I agree with hayley l, I saw the clock with the rabbits face in the 'jojo bebe maman' catalogue & was going 2 get my toddler 1 x
  • Thanks for replies, that sounds cute. Will check out their web site. xxx
  • The rabbit face clock is fantastic. When I was nannying we used to use one for the little boy and it worked a treat. We would set it so that the rabbit opened his eyes at 7 O'clock and you would hear him get up earlier, but he wouldn't leave his room until rabbit had woken up! I would definatley reccomend one.
  • Thanks for all replies. I've been on line and ordered rabbit face clock. Fingers crossed!!! xxx
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