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FORMULA MILK.......Whats the best to use?

Hi ive decided not to breast feed, i havent told my midwife cos of the lecture ill receive but need some advice on the best formula milk out there???
Not sure how i will know so if any one has any ideas or suggestions id be grateful!!!!!


  • We use Aptamil after having started off with SMA Gold which gave my daughter really bad constipation. I was worried about switching as the hospital said it wasn't recommened and could really upset her tummy but I decided to go for it and had absolutly no problems. She also immediatly went longer between feeds.
    I spoke to my HV about the different brands and she said she would recommend Aptamil as it's closest to breastmilk she also said that Farleys was practically the same, but I know they don't do ready to use cartons which are great for going out or lazy nights! I have noticed that since switching her nappies have been more like a breastfed baby's - more messy but I'm pleased she's not in pain from constipation anymore!
    I think the best thing to do is try whichever you think will be best and don't be afraid to switch if it doesn't suit your baby.
  • we are using cow and gate, after a recommendation from someone who i was in hospital with. also they do the cartons which are really handy to have. the stuff for hungry babys, my hv says is a bit of a marketing ploy as they dont actually have more calories as you would expect, just a different combination. not sure if thats true but they didnt help my baby and shes a hungry girl.
  • I started off with Aptamil, as it's marketed as closest to breastmilk, but then my LO ended up with reflux (not because of the milk) and he was wanting fed every 2 hours, was told that 'hungry' baby milk may make him constipated, and I would much rather feed every 2 hours than have a sore tummy baby...anyhoo - he was put on infant gaviscon, which in combination with the aptamil didnt seem to be working, so now I've got him on Cow & GAte comfort milk, which is slightly thickened for 'comfortable digestion' - this and the gaviscon now seem to be helping and he is keeping more feeds down and goes 4hours or so between feeds, sometimes less, but he's a bit if a piggy....*oink*

    I've also read on another website that some mums who have babies with reflux found aptamil a bit too harsh for the wee ones tums...its up to you and the wee one, every baby is different and some stomach other milks that others might not. hope this helped.

  • i would check the shops near you to see what kind of milk is kept well stocked. i fed my first little girl on farleys and was going to use it again for my second but when i was shopping whilst pregnant i could hardly find it, so i used sma gold this time cause the last thing i wanted was to run out of baby milk and the shops have none.
  • I'm an Aptamil mother after breastfeeding, never had probs with colic or constipation on it and I always found the follow-on milks were good too, but as has been mentioned, check out what your local shops can stock in as I had to travel to Tesco (we didnt drive then) until my little chemist offered to order it in for me.
  • the stuff for hungry babys, my hv says is a bit of a marketing ploy as they dont actually have more calories as you would expect, just a different combination. not sure if thats true but they didnt help my baby and shes a hungry girl..................................... there isn't really anything more in them tbh... They just have thickeners in it to make it harder to digest therefore making making baby feel fuller for longer... :\)
  • I breast fed initially, went onto SMA Gold & now use SMA Progress for Molly - she still loves it, only on 1 bottle before bed now... she's not going to like it when that one goes though!

    Someone told me when I was pregnant that even if I breastfed using expressed milk in order to introduce a bottle early therefore getting the baby used to swtiching between boob and bottle, which I did and I am so glad that I did as I watched so many friends struggle to get their babies to take bottles at 6 months when they'd had enough or wanted to get back on the vino!
  • i breastbeed my first son bt sometime he feels colic so i started NAN 1.his health is he is 3 months and weighs 8 kg.i hv also started bebecerals just it good for him?

  • thisis what i wasd thinking too as feeling a bit pressured by midwife but dont treally want to breast feed sop thinking of using aptimel? x

  • Any ideas?? I have breast fed my baby,

    he is 6 months now! I have used Aptamil

    But now that he is eating solids, he is getting

    constipated all the time!! I tried prunes with

    Oranges, papaya change the milk but it doesn't

    Seem to be working!! I do not if is the follow

    On milk that is making him constipated!! I

    Would appreciated any comment pls!!
  • all formula milks are so advanced these days that they have everthing your baby needs to grow healthy, the main difference between breast and formula is breast contains 'antibodies' which you pass onto your baby which helps to build his/her immune system quicker as they fight infection, your baby will do this anyway. 


  • Janeth if his diet is containing plenty of fibre and your baby is drinking plenty take him/her to the doctor and they will be able to give you a mild laxative which is safe to give your baby.

  • Not sure what to use for my baby just want the best for baby with no side effects for my new little one. I'm die in feb and I have told my midwife and she was fine. All I would say is make ur mind up and stick to what u r wanting to do. Good luck.
  • Hi I have a 3 week old baby girl. At first i had her on aptimal then she got a bit constpated and got abit of collic so i changed her to the Aptilmil for contipation and colic but that didnt seem to work if anything it made her worse and now she has full on collic and reflux. I have went to the doctors and they said i need to change my milk but i just dont know which one to go for. Any help will be great??


  • Hi, i have a 3 week old baby girl. I started her of on aptimil but she suffered abit constipation and abit collic so i changed her to aptimil for collic and constapation, but that didnt work if anything it made her collic worse and she now has collic and reflux. I have been back to my doctors and they said i need to change her milk asap. I just dont no which one i should out her on, Any help would be great??


  • I think all milk are the same.. but somehow try to avoid china brand,, it seen danger

  • i was taken aback when my 3 years old baby boy cried out loud

    my boy told me that he is having tummy ache and it is painful....

    now i realized he is in constipation... i gave him lots of fruits

    bananas is the most for sure, but it seems nothing change at all

    my boy is suffering and i'm so worry bout him

    can anyone mind to share some remedies?

    i want my boy back to normal again...... plssss

  • I tried some remedy with my kids.... there is no way those remedy can help you to prevent constipation beside taking more fruit and water.. 

    many remedy tat claim can cure constipation are only meant for adult.. not children.. u have to becareful while selecting.. 

  • my child was suffer in mild constipation.....
    what i do is add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to a warm bath. let your child relax for 5-15 mins, soaking in the warm bath.
    applying a warm, moist cloth to the anus can sometimes stimulate a bowel movement
    it works on my child every time, you can try it.

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